Steve Barry Buick (RIP)

Lakewoodites - Masek - Steve Barry Buick
When I bought my car from Steve Barry Buick a few years ago they told me I got free car washes for the life of my car. That said, if I buy the lightly-used dinnerware set featured in their store window now, do I get free dishwashing services for the life of the plates?

The Day the Music Died

Lakewoodites - Masek - Educators Music

A long, long time ago
I can still remember how the music store made me smile
buying music knick-knacks, and sheet music from soundtracks,
kept me out of trouble for awhile.

But 2018 made me feel morose
as more of Lakewood said “adios”.
Bad news on the Observation Deck…
another business shipwrecked.

I can’t remember if I cried
the moment that i realized
the sale on the land was finalized
the day Educators’ building died.

So bye, bye another building has died,
Drove my drumset to their doorstep, but the doorstep’s bye-bye
And Lakewoodites all just sit back and cry,
singing “Educators’ Music building’s goodbye.
Where will they open next? Guess we’ll standby.”